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Team building: workshop on gastronomic tapas and pinchos

A fun activity making snacks

We offer you the chance to experiment with gastronomy and become chefs for a day, learning from a master chef and designing and creating your own original snacks. 

Ideal for:

· Small to medium-sized groups (up to 50 people) 
· Any time of the year

The Activity

The workshop is made up of three parts:
a) The chef's challenge
Based on a series of ingredients available on the table and some samples previously made by our chef, which participants can't taste or even touch, the teams have to try to reproduce these snacks as closely as possible.  Afterwards the chef explains the ingredients in each one, also taking advantage to reveal some of the secrets behind a good gastronomic pincho or tapa
b) Innovation and creativity
The groups have a variety of ingredients and, with these, must design and create one or two tapas of their own invention, presenting them as attractively as possible and always searching for the perfect combination of flavours and textures. At the end of the activity our chef evaluates and rates the creations by the different teams.
c) To your stoves!
Always with the help of our kitchen staff, participants make two hot tapas or pinchos, with an element of surprise.
The participants can either eat their snacks at the end of each phase in the activity or eat them all together at the end as a delicious aperitif or first course before a lunch or dinner.

The Venue

This activity normally requires an indoor venue. Cava Emotions can arrange this activity at a range of rural houses, wineries and hotels in the Penedès, where companies can also combine the activity with a meeting, lunch or dinner.


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