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Team building: vine workshop

Experiencing a traditional harvest

An actual winegrower accompanies the group on a fun session teaching them how to handle vines. Depending on the time of year, participants can trim, prune, harvest or even press grapes and make "must".

Ideal for:

· Enjoying a fun activity in the open air.
· Small and medium-sized groups (up to 50 people). For larger groups this activity is combined with others in the Cava gymkhana.
· Any time of year except when it rains. Except at harvest time the grapes pressed come from a supplier and are not harvested in situ.
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The Activity

The workshop is carried out in four phases:
a) Introduction to viticulture in the Penedès
An introduction to the characteristics of the Penedès and the life cycle of vines, a crop that has been grown in this region for more than two thousand years, as well as information about the two "designations of origin" produced in the region.
b) Working as a winegrower
Depending on the time of year, the vine guide shows and then accompanies the group in tasks such as trimming, pruning, harvesting, etc.
Arranged in pairs, participants practise the technique, becoming winegrowers for the day. The guide also answers any questions and resolves the doubts of the more curious participants.
c) Traditional grape pressing 
Once participants have managed to fill the vat with bunches of grapes, again in their pairs they experience the unique sensation of pressing grapes using the traditional method. In turn they enter the vat and, at the end, the recently pressed grape juice or "must" is extracted. Who'll be brave enough to try it? 
d) The curious history of phylloxera
While participants taste the "must" produced by their hard work, the guide explains the history of phylloxera, the worst plague affecting vines in the history of Europe. The story of a severe economic crisis that became decisive in the emergence of a new economy for the area: the cava industry.
This activity lasts between 45 minutes and 2 hours depending on the client's preferences. It can be complemented with a workshop on how cava is made, providing participants with a complete experience of the cava production process, from the vine to the winery and then to the table.

The location

Cava Emotions carries out this activity at vineyards owned by different wineries and independent winegrowers located in the Penedès region. We'll choose the most suitable venue depending on the time of year and the client's need to combine this activity with others, such as a visit or lunch at the winery, meetings, etc.


• Space for meetings

Meetings, lunches or other events can be held inside wineries or castles, as well as in more traditional venues such as conference centres, hotels or rural accommodation.

• Brand presence

All the material required for the activity produced in accordance with the company's brand image (banners, roll-ups, menus, free gifts, etc.).

• Accommodation

Hotels of different categories, rural houses providing a hotel service, apartments and fully equipped houses, etc. Inland in the Penedès, surrounded by vineyards, or beside the Mediterranean in Sitges or other coastal towns. Please consult our selection in the Accommodation section.

• Transport service

Vehicles with different capacities to transport the group from any location and for the period of time required.


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