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Team building: rural engineers

Team building: rural engineers

Become builders for a day and put your resourcefulness to the test

Take part in a fun multifaceted activity consisting of 3 or 4 tests depending on the size of the group. Participants are divided into teams which rotate through the different timed tests, designing and building a range of structures related to life in the country.

Ideal for:

  • Enjoying an activity with scale models built by adults in a team.
  • Medium-sized groups (from 25 to 50 people) or large (100 to 200 people).
  • Any time of the year, preferably outdoors.

The activity:

The team members have to work together to design and then build the following structures:

a) A footbridge.
Using just a few pieces of wood and no other tools apart from their hands and lots of imagination, the team has to create a real bridge that goes over a simulated stream one metre wide. The bridge must then withstand the weight of one person.
b) A high tower.
This is a large-scale version of the popular game Jenga, where the team has a limited time to build as high a tower as possible according to the rules: removing lower pieces of wood to add them to the higher levels and gradually raising up the tower. They can make as many attempts as they like within the time limit and the highest tower wins.
c) An engine-less tractor.
The team has different pieces of wood to build a tractor capable of carrying and moving the weight of a team member. They also have cardboard and material for cutting, joining and painting to complete the bodywork, decorated to taste.
d) An irrigation system.
The team has plastic pipes and various types of fittings, such as elbow, tee and coupling joints. Using these materials they have to construct a conduit capable of moving water from a high point to a container placed on the ground. At the end of the test, the team has to pour water into the beginning of the conduit and then check that it comes out of the end, into the container.

Depending on the size of the group, the different tests can last between 20 and 30 minutes each one. The monitors score the performance of the different teams and, at the end, there's also the option of a quick prize-giving ceremony for the winning team.

The location:

Activity designed to take place in preferably outdoor locations.