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Team building: playing with cava at the table

A series of mini games for sure-fire fun without getting up from the table

An activity that can take place both before and after lunch or dinner, in which the participants, sitting at their table, play 6 short games connected to the world of cava and the grape harvest, employing different skills related to the senses of taste and smell, as well as ingenuity and teamwork. The games are played simultaneously by all the teams but in a different order, and each table is continuously coordinated by the monitors responsible for each activity.

Ideal for:

  • Discovering the world of cava and winegrowing through a quick, fun, original game that's played at the group's lunch or dinner table.
  • Medium-sized groups (25 to 50 people) or large groups (up to 200 people) organised into tables of 8-12 diners
  • Any time of the year and anywhere, both indoors and out.

The activity:

The activity is made up of the following mini-games:

a) White or rosé cava?
A blind tasting (blindfolded) where participants have to distinguish between white and rosé cava. They are then given some tips on when to serve a rosé or white cava on different occasions.

b) Cava vs. Champagne.
Participants are asked about the differences between cava and champagne. They are then given an explanation and a test to see if they can tell the difference.
c) The aromas of cava.
We test participants' olfactory skills by asking them to identify the different natural aromas that can be found in our cava.
d) Delicacies of Penedès to pair with cava.
Participants are given 4 typical delicacies from the Penedès and are asked to guess the different ingredients. Activity carried out especially with Simon Coll chocolates, using surprising ingredients, as well as other products such as the Penedès garlanda. This game can be adapted depending on whether it's played before or after a meal.
e) Cava and Penedès Trivia Quiz.
Participants have to answer questions about the world of cava; some curious, some interesting but always thoroughly accurate. What part of Madame de Pompadour's body was used to design the shape of the coupé or shallow glass so popular 20 years ago? Some answers are relatively easy, others not.
f) The enigma.
Each group is asked a complicated question about the world of cava and they have 5 minutes to find out the answer. Teams can look on the internet, make a phone call, organise the search among the different team members... And they can always ask for clues, albeit at a price because points are deducted from the final score if they get it right.
Depending on the size of the group, the different games can last between 5 and 7 minutes each. The monitors score the performance of the different teams in each game and, at the end, there's also the option of a quick prize-giving ceremony for the winning team.

The location:

This activity doesn't require a concrete space, it can be done at any place during the lunch or dinner of the group, sitting in the table.