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Team building: orienteering among the vines with corporate challenges

Playing with the company's goals

A fun activity in which different teams compete to find around twenty controls, each one containing a challenge related to the company, which the teams must overcome by making use of different skills and great team spirit.

Ideal for:

· Reinforcing key messages regarding the company's products, projects, corporate values and principles via teamwork.
· Teambuilding while having a good time.
· Average sized groups (from 25 to 50 people) or large groups (from 50 to 200 people).
· Any time of year except when it rains.
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The Activity:

An original orienteering test in a setting with vineyards, paths and woods, in which different teams compete to resolve a whole series of challenges. There are more than twenty tests or questions previously prepared together with the HR personnel or other departments in your organisation in order to reinforce corporate projects, values and principles by playing and working as a team.
You decide the content...
Prior to the event we get together with you to prepare the content of the tests and questions that participants must resolve during the activity. All these are related to your priorities and can be used to reinforce certain messages regarding the company's goals and culture. 
... and Cava Emotions adds in the fun.
Reading a map to find controls hidden in the area, getting there before the other teams, successfully resolving the challenges posed, finding the special control, handling communications and sending results via Whatsapp, going for the prize... and, above all, getting to know your teammates a little better. A fun way to help create a corporate culture. 

The location:

This is an outdoor activity designed to be carried out in the vicinity of the wineries, hotels or farmhouses offered by Cava Emotions in the Penedès region as locations for meetings, lunches and other corporate events. All these activities can be combined for a half or full day without the need to change location. If you've already chosen the location for your event, consult us to see whether this activity can also be carried out there.


• Space for meetings

Meetings, lunches or other events can be held inside wineries or castles, as well as in more traditional venues such as conference centres, hotels or rural accommodation.

• Brand presence

All the material required for the activity produced in accordance with the company's brand image (banners, roll-ups, menus, free gifts, etc.).

• Accommodation

Hotels of different categories, rural houses providing a hotel service, apartments and fully equipped houses, etc. Inland in the Penedès, surrounded by vineyards, or beside the Mediterranean in Sitges or other coastal towns. Please consult our selection in the Accommodation section.

• Transport service

Vehicles with different capacities to transport the group from any location and for the period of time required.


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