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Team building: chocolate and cava workshop

A delicious activity and dessert

With our chocolate master, participants learn the sweetest secrets of chocolate and discover delicious flavours to delight the palate.  For this activity we use the best products from the historical chocolate factory of Simón Coll located in the Penedès and, of course, we also learn to combine the best chocolate with the best cava.


Ideal for:

· Having fun while also enjoying a fantastic dessert after a lunch or dinner
· Small to medium-sized groups (up to 50 people)
· Any time of the year

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The Activity

After an introduction to the fascinating characteristics of chocolate, the workshop is carried out in three phases:
a) Creativity with lollipops
It's time to use the imagination: using melted chocolate, each participant creates their own lollipop and decorates it as they choose. The lollipops are left to cool and participants can enjoy them at the end of the activity.
b) Chocolate tasting
We test the palates of the people carrying out the activity, giving them different types of chocolate to taste with quite unusual ingredients and flavours but which combine surprisingly well.
c) Chocolate fondue with cava
With the help of a chocolate heater, melted chocolate is served in different containers and the group is shown how to make a fantastic chocolate fondue with cava, a truly delicious way to end the activity. This is also the moment when participants can pick up their now solid lollipops and enjoy them to the full.

The Venue 

This activity normally requires an indoor venue. Cava Emotions can organise this activity at a range of rural houses, wineries and hotels in the Penedès, where companies can also combine the activity with a meeting, lunch or dinner.

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