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Team Building

Experiential training aimed at recognising the fundamentals of teamwork, developing feelings of belonging and trust and boosting commitment among team members with the ultimate aim of improving the team's performance.

How can change be managed?

Change management consists of a series of processes used to ensure that significant changes are implemented in organisations in an orderly, controlled and systematic way so that the people involved are willing and able to work in the new context defined and the desired results are achieved.

Leadership practice

Leadership essentially depends on eliminating doubt. The members of any team are willing to follow people they trust but trust is not based solely on evidence; in many cases it also results from inspiration and expectation.

How to make Management Committee meetings effective

This training consists of a practical exercise: groups produce a menu, including how the dishes should be presented, buying the necessary ingredients in the shops, handling a limited budget and, of course, preparing the food.

Selling with values

Selling tends to be accompanied by certain inhibiting thoughts, making it less effective. Such thoughts usually come from a perspective that creates dissonance between a person's values and those inherent in selling.


This activity is aimed at providing mentors and mentees with the basic concepts and techniques of corporate mentoring as well as to begin a relationship within an informal environment that encourages dynamic, sincere communication and tests their skills.

Design Thinking + Innovation

To boost creativity and innovation it's important to create the right environment where people with different knowledge and experiences can express themselves and where everyone works by exploring different paths, minimising resistance and ego.

Negotiation skills

Negotiation forms an essential part of interaction between people and that's why it requires different approaches depending on the people involved in each negotiation. What better way to test your negotiating skills than by going to market?