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Team building: sailing with "llaguts"

Discover the Maritime Penedès by learning to sail a traditional rowboat requiring great team coordination.

Team building: playing with cava at the table

An activity that can take place both before and after lunch or dinner, in which the participants, sitting at their table, play 6 short games connected to the world of cava and the grape harvest.

Team building: rural engineers

Take part in a fun multifaceted activity consisting of 3 or 4 tests depending on the size of the group.

Team building: chocolate and cava workshop

With our chocolate master, participants learn the sweetest secrets of chocolate and discover delicious flavours to delight the palate.

Team building: workshop on gastronomic tapas and pinchos

We offer you the chance to experiment with gastronomy and become chefs for a day, learning from a master chef and designing and creating your own original snacks.

Team building: a journey through 4,000 years of history

Inside the Historical Complex of Olérdola, participants learn how to light a fire using a bow drill, gather their medicinal plants, etc.

Team building: orienteering among the vines with corporate challenges

A fun activity in which different teams compete to find around twenty controls, each one containing a challenge related to the company.

Team building: cava gymkhana

An assortment of different activities related to the world of wine, cava and vines, organised so that different teams carry out the series of activities in turn, competing with each other.

Team building: human castle workshop

Together with expert human castle builders, the Castellers de Vilafranca, we hold a very enjoyable workshop in which the group is taught the fundamentals to build genuine human castles.

Team building: master chefs in the capital of cava

A fun activity in which different teams compete in preparing a first course and a dessert, made with local products from the Penedès and for which they must also choose the perfect wine for pairing.

Team building: phylloxera festival

An original, unique activity in the Penedès region that takes you back through time, recreating an event from the end of the 19th century that affected a whole generation and forced the Penedès farmers to rethink their crops: the Phylloxera infestation.