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Leadership practice

Putting leadership skills to the test


Leadership essentially depends on eliminating doubt. The members of any team are willing to follow people they trust but trust is not based solely on evidence; in many cases it also results from inspiration and expectation.

The theoretical session is combined with an open-air activity in which all participants test their leadership skills in a group-led exercise and also resolve various challenges.

Who it's aimed at

Team leaders and those people identified as having team leader potential who need to reinforce their role as leader and ensure their teams perform as well as possible. 

Training goal and content

CUnderstanding the principles involved in leadership behaviour. Being both task- and people-oriented. Knowing how to analyse the maturity of each team member to choose the most suitable style.

    • Introduction to leadership
    • Leaders we have known
    • Leadership experience in unknown environments and ad-hoc teams
    • Debriefing of the experience, taking into account: 
      • Contingent variables that affect the leader's behaviour
      • The characteristics of a Leader
      • The characteristics of a Collaborator
      • The characteristics of an Organisation
      • Situational Leadership formula: L= (l, c, s)
      • Self-assessment
    • Maturity of the collaborator and their involvement in choosing the most effective style: Instructing, Persuading, Participating, Delegating
    • Building a mental map of the role of leader

The activity

Depending on the size of the group, participants are organised into one or more teams and different members take on the role as leader at different stages of the activities. This requires the ability to direct and a minimum of strategy to find, within a deadline, as many targets as possible located in the area surrounding the training venue. 

Each target found presents the team with a challenge to resolve or overcome within a time limit of 10 or 15 minutes and for which they have to choose a leader. Everyone in the team has the chance to act as leader in at least one challenge. 

After completing each challenge, the team records a video lasting maximum 1 minute in which the leader explains how the task was organised, the procedure employed and the results achieved. After the activity this material, in addition to the notes taken by the coaches while observing the activity, will be used in the debriefing for the group as a whole.


Torre del Gall is a 16th-century farmhouse with different areas for events and lunches, offering its own catering service. Boasting spectacular views of the Penedès and surrounded by vines, it's the ideal place for both the training session and the open-air activity proposed in combination with the training.


1 day but it can be extended to two 


2 coaches


Spanish, Catalan, English.

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