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Design Thinking + Innovation


To boost creativity and innovation it's important to create the right environment where people with different knowledge and experiences can express themselves and where everyone works by exploring different paths, minimising resistance and ego.

Even those with limited experience in cooking or in preparing recipes realise this activity's potential to explore how to improve production processes, creativity and innovation.

This workshop helps to discover the latest techniques to explore, generate, evaluate and promote ideas, processes, products, services, etc., putting them into practice in a fun and entertaining way in a real process, namely gastronomic creativity.

Who it's aimed at

Organisations, departments and teams that wish to enhance behaviours and skills that promote innovative and creativity in general and/or applied to a specific business challenge such as improving processes or designing new products or services. 

Training goal and content

Learning and integrating techniques and processes to design creative solutions by exploring as many possibilities as possible and working interactively to encourage innovation. Groups should be as heterogeneous and multidisciplinary as possible.

This workshop lasts 8 hours, divided into 2 days combining theoretical content and activities aimed at learning through doing, based on a challenge previously agreed with the organisation (with a real application or not).

    • Introduction 
      • Starting with the "Spaghetti Challenge"
      • Background
      • What is DesignThinking?
      • The Design Process
    • The Kano model
    • Mapping tools
      • Design Process
      • Canvas Bussiness Model
      • Analogues - Antilogues
      • In/Out
      • Customer Journey Map
      • Empathy Map
    • Exploratory tools
      • Focus Group
      • The Mysterious Client
      • Key Facts
      • Insights Cluster
    • Construction tools
      • Convergence Map
      • Brainstorming
      • What if
      • Product - viable minimum
      • Prototypes
    • Test tools
      • Hypothesis Matrix
      • Feedback Metrix
      • Quantitative Test

The Activity

The "tapas and pinchos" workshop is aimed at putting into practice the techniques learned during the workshop but in an informal, fun way and in a real environment. With the same specific ingredients for all teams, participants create "tapas" and "pinchos" that have to meet specific requirements. 


Surrounded by vines and with impressive views of the mountain of Montserrat, Can Bonastre Wine Resort is an estate covering 100 hectares including vineyards and woods. The farmhouse dates back to the 16th century and has been completely renovated. The former farmhouse is now a beautiful hotel with a spa specialising in wine and cava treatments, as well as a restaurant offering traditional cuisine and dishes from the Penedès region. The winery has been producing its own wines and olive oil for the last fifteen years. It's located in an unbeatable rural setting on a gentle slope at the feet of the Montserrat range of hills.


2 days 


2 coaches


Spanish, Catalan, English.

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